The artist in his studio, Lunenburg NS 2016

Harold Pearse in his Studio, Lunenburg Nova Scotia

On this site you will see aspects of my art making and art education practices.

 As an artist I work with themes and concepts in a variety of media including oils, acrylic, oil pastels and mixed media. A theme begins with a topic which is extended and connected to our relationships with the world. Two topics which have fascinated me for decades are Mounties and dogs. The Mountie topic expands to become an exploration of the myth and symbol of the Mountie and its relationship to other Canadian icons such as the Bluenose schooner and lighthouses. The dog topic is extended to questions about how dogs relate to and interact with each other and with humans. Underlying all of my art is an awareness of the passing of time and a desire to observe and mark visual temporal changes – hence my obsession with drawing every day in a sketchbook.

As an art educator I am involved with teaching, writing, researching and consulting. My primary focus has been teacher education, particularly the history, theory, methodology and practice of teaching the visual arts. Based on over fifty years teaching and supervising student teachers in public schools at all levels in British Columbia, Quebec, Nova Scotia and Alberta and teaching art education and visual art in three different Canadian Universities, my pedagogical experience is broad and deep.

My life experience is a deeply Canadian one having been immersed at various times in small town and big city environments and cultures in various parts of the country. I grew up in a small mining town on Vancouver Island, Cumberland, went to university in Vancouver, taught high school near there followed by more university and teaching in Montreal before moving to Halifax where I taught at the Art College for thirty years. Fifteen more years of university teaching and art making living in Edmonton provided yet another take on Canadian landscape, education, art and culture. I now live in Lunenburg Nova Scotia in the “old town” which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Sophie the Studio Dog

Dr Pearse with Primary Class at Bridgewater Elementary June 2019
Exterior view of Harold Pearse’s studio, The Cobbler Shop (1893), Lunenburg NS
Interior view Cobbler Shop Studio Lunenburg NS